The Last Will of John Tharp (1744 - 1804)

Wealth at death: £362,000

School: Eton College [1758-1760 ]

University: Cambridge (Trinity) [1761 ]

Spouse: [#1] Elizabeth Partridge [#2] Ann Gallimore nee Virgo

Children: With [#1] Joseph, John, William Blake, Thomas Partridge, Elizabeth Partridge


John Tharp of Good Hope in Trelawny, Jamaica, and Chippenham Park in Cambridgeshire, Great Britain.

Debts and legacies to be chargeable on all my estates both real and personal.

By marriage settlement with my present wife Ann Tharp to settled £1,200 Jamaican currency p/a on her for life should she survive me. My wife by her conduct rendered herself utterly unworthy of my affection and regard I do not add in any manner whatever to the said settlement but merely confirm the same.

My leasehold dwelling in Portland Place number 64[JGH: unknown #] which I lately purchased from James Gibson, also its contents, my carriages and horses to be sold by my executors.

To my eldest son John Tharp all my wines and liquors at Portland Place and Chippenham Park. He to live at Chippenham Park until my grandson, named after my late son Joseph Tharp, reaches the age of 24 years.

To my said present eldest son John Tharp an annuity of £2,000 p/a for life. After the decease of John Tharp then £40,000 sterling for the benefit of every child of the said John Tharp lawfully begotten. £6,000 sterling for the benefit of such persons as the said John Tharp shall direct.

To my other son Thomas Partridge Tharp an annuity of £2,000 p/a for life and from his decease the sum of £30,000 for his lawful children. Also to Thomas Partridge Tharp £6,000 sterling for the benefit of such persons as he shall direct.

In case my dear daughter Eliza Partridge Phillipson shall find it expedient to live separate and apart from her husband Richard Burton Burton Phillipson I give and devise to her during such separation an annuity of £300 sterling.

To my granddaughter Charlotte Stewart Tharp £20,000 sterling on marriage. An annuity of £500 p/a to her from age 21 until marriage.

To my sister Sarah Brissett £50 Jamaican currency.

To my sister Rebecca Campbell any right I may have in Pedn[?] Penn in Hanover, Jamaica. Also to her an annuity of £100 sterling p/a.

To my reputed daughter Mary Hyde Tharp (now age 16 years or thereabouts) £2,000 at age 21 or marriage. An annuity of £100 sterling until she reaches age 21.

To Mr John Harwood of Trelawney, planter, an annuity of £100 sterling p/a.

Lady Susan Tharp, widow of my son Joseph Tharp: I agreed to give her an annuity of £1,500 on the death of my son Joseph, or £500 p/a should she remarry, secured on my plantation called the Covey, plus £200 p/a for the maintenance of her two children. Whereas Lady Susan Tharp has since intermarried with John Drew Esquire and been recently widowed I ratify this agreement.

All rest and residue to Simon Taylor of Jamaica, William Miles and his son Philip John Miles, both merchants of Bristol, Sir GIlbert Afflect of Dallian Hall, Suffolk, William Green of Jamaica, planter, George Hibbert of the City of London, merchant, John Richard Dashwood of Cley in Norfolk, Charles Oswen late of Kingston, Jamaica, merchant and now of Great Britain as trustees for the following purposes:

To the use and behoof of George Brissett of Hanover, Jamaica, James Lawrence of St James, Jamaica, and Joseph Brissett of Hanover, Jamaica for 500 years until my grandson John Tharp, son of Joseph Tharp, reaches age 21. From age 21 to age 24, an annuity of £3,000 p/a for him. After the death of my grandson John Tharp then the estates to his eldest son, in default to Joseph Sidney Tharp, the eldest son of my son John Tharp, in default to my son Thomas Partridge Tharp and his male heirs...

Signed 13/03/1801. Codicil dated

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