Period Articles: George Stiebel, Stiebel Family, Devon House

Announcement of George Stibel's Death

George Stiebel died in 1896 at Devon House with no close family members beside him. His daughter who was in England with his 5 grandchildren was not able to attend his funeral. He died a year after bot his grandson and son-in-law died. They died within 1 week of each other at Devon House.

Announcement to Creditors regarding the death of George Stiebel

An announcement was made to creditors and anyone having a claim as part of the settlement of George Stiebel's estate.

Theresa Jackson Hosting Charity Event at Devon House

Gleaner review of a charity event hosted by Theresa Stiebel Jackson at Devon House for wounded men of the BWI Regiment.

Announcement of Richard Jackson's Death

Richard Hill Jackson died a week after his son died of Typhoid. The cause of Richard's death was officially attributed to Influenza but is also believed to have been a heart attack.

Sale of Devon House to the Lindos

Announcement of the sale of Devon House by Reginald Melhado to the Lindos.

Devon House Furniture Auction

Announcement of Devon House furniture being sold by Reginald Melhado through public auction.

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